Table of Contents

“Three Deaths and One Observation”
by Lydia Davis

“In Dreams, Always Beginning”
by Lynne Tillman

“The Haunting”
by Caille Millner

“A Reassuring Tale for a Boy”
by Sheila Heti

“Facts in Middle Sky”
by Naben Ruthnum

“The War of the Worlds”
by Jana Prikryl

“Cedar Grove Rose”
by Canisia Lubrin

by Jé Wilson

“The Blue School”
by Michael LaPointe

“One Wound Feeds Another”
by Andrew F. Sullivan

“Casting Couch”
by Joni Murphy

by Aaron Peck

“New Messages”
by Naomi Skwarna

“Mon Semblable”
by Kris Bertin

“The Fall of the Boarding House of Usher”
by Pierre Mac Orlan
Translated from the French by Chris Clarke

Clowns by Alex Warrender

Banner illustration by Ryan Romero

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